An illustration of corals, oil droplets and light through water.

Research Groups

Graduate Program in Acoustics and Applied Research Laboratory

David Bradley -Acoustics at Ocean Boundaries, underwater acoustics |

Charles Holland - Acoustical oceanography, remote sensing of marine sediments | |

Shawn Johnson - Underwater sensors and Signal Processing |

Jennifer Miksis-Olds - Acoustics in Marine and Terrestrial Environments | |

Derek Olson - Underwater acoustics; high-frequency shallow-water propagation, acoustic interaction with the seafloor, and high-resolution characterization of seafloor sediments |

Michael Pierzga- Unmanned Undersea Vehicles |

Department of Biology

Iliana Baums - Coral Reef Biology, Marine Evolution and Ecology | |

Benoit Dayrat - Marine Biodiversity, coral reef biology, coral diseases | |

Charles Fisher - Marine Chemoautotrophy, Deep-­‐Sea Physiology and Ecology, deep-sea vent biology; autotrophic symbiosis | |

Roberto Iglesias Prieto - Coral Physiology,

Todd LaJeunesse - Coral symbioses; microbial ecology and evolution; biogeography and biodiversity |

Monica Medina - Marine Ecology and Evolution | |

Stephen Schaeffer - Marine Life Genetics | |

Department of Mathematics

Diane Henderson - Fluid Mechanics | |

Department of Geosciences

Michael Arthur - Ocean Drilling and Paleoceanography, paleoceanography; marine biogeochemistry; isotope geochemistry | |

Tim Bralower –  Paleoceanography; paleoclimatology; nanofossil evolution | |

Kate Freeman - Marine organic geochemistry; isotope biogeochemistry | |

Liz Hajek - Marine and Fluvial Sedimentology and Stratigraphy |  |

Chris House - Marine microbial diversity and cultivation; microbial paleontology; molecular evolution; astrobiology; geomicrobiology | |

Klaus Keller - Marine Carbon Cycle |  |

Lee Kump - Paleoceanography and Marine Biogeochemistry | |

Jennifer Macalady - Submerged Cave and Marine Microbiology | |

Demian Saffer - Ocean Drilling and Marine Hydrology, fluid flow in subduction zones; sediment mechanics; chemical and heat transport in the crust | |

Tim White - Paleoceanography, University Dive Safety Officer |,

Department of Meteorology

Jenni Evans - Tropical Cyclones, impacts of climate change, tropical convection | |

Timothy Kane - Electrical Engineering/Meteorology, remote sensing, atmospheric and oceanic measurements and modeling, data analysis and interpretation |

Sukyoung Lee - Wind-driven and thermohaline ocean circulation; general circulation of the atmosphere |

Ray Najjar - Marine biogeochemistry, dissolved gases; Climate change impacts on coastal regions | |

David Stauffer - Mesoscale modeling, atmospheric dynamics, numerical weather prediction | |

David Titley - Weather risk, Climate risk and Security, The changing Arctic and Security, Quantifying changes in jet stream flow in a changing climate, Physical Oceanography, Potential changes in size, intensity and/or frequency in a changing climate, Storm-surge and storm-surge communications | |

Department of Ecosystem Science and Management

Elizabeth Boyer - Coastal Eutrophication and Marine Nutrient Cycles | |

Victoria Braithwaite (also Dept. of Biology) -  Marine Fisheries Biology

Jay Stauffer, Marine Fisheries; Ichthyology

Dept of Geography

Robert Crane, Dept. of Geography ( climate and climate change; science diving

Biochemistry and Molecular Biology

Tim Miyashiro,, Marine Microbial Symbiosis ( )


Diane Henderson, dmh@math.psu. edu, Applied Math, Fluid Mechanics, Nonlinear Waves, William G. Pritchard Fluid Mechanics Laboratory, (

Department of Anthropology

Lee Newsom, Wet-­site Archeology

Department of Classics and Ancient Mediterranean Studies

Ann Killebrew, Classical Mediterranean Archeology

Department of English

Hester Blum, Maritime Literature

Pennsylvania Sea Grant

Robert Light, Director, Penn State Erie/Behrend  

Ann Faulds, Associate Director, Philadelphia area

Sarah Whitney, Associate Director, Harrisburg area

David Boughton, Penn State Erie, Maritime Specialist

Sara Grisè, Penn State Erie, Coastal Specialist

Marti Martz, Penn State Erie, Coastal Specialist

Sean Rafferty, Penn State Erie, Coastal Outreach Specialist