An illustration of corals, oil droplets and light through water.

Oceanography and Marine Sciences at Penn State

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Children looking into the HUB acquarium at corals and small fishes. Aquarium at the HUB

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Oceanography Courses at Penn State

The following is a listing of marine science and technology courses at Penn State. Please check the course catalog for the most up-to-date information.

ACS 597: Ocean Acoustics

ACS 597: Marine Bioacoustics

BIOL 482: Coastal Biology

BIOL 499A: Tropical Field Biology

EARTH 240: Coral Reef Systems

EM SC 440: Science Diving

EM SC 441: Advanced Science Diving

GEOSC 40: The Sea Around Us

GEOSC 410: Marine Biogeochemistry

GEOSC: 440: Marine Geology

METEO 22: The Oceans

METEO 451: Introduction to Physical Oceanography

WFS 452: Icthyology