Research Groups

Graduate Program in Acoustics and Applied Research Laboratory

Department of Biology

Department of Mathematics

Department of Geosciences

Department of Meteorology

  • Jenni Evans – Tropical Cyclones, impacts of climate change, tropical convection | |
  • Timothy Kane – Electrical Engineering/Meteorology, remote sensing, atmospheric and oceanic measurements and modeling, data analysis and interpretation |
  • Sukyoung Lee – Wind-driven and thermohaline ocean circulation; general circulation of the atmosphere |
  • Ray Najjar – Marine biogeochemistry, dissolved gases; Climate change impacts on coastal regions | |
  • David Stauffer – Mesoscale modeling, atmospheric dynamics, numerical weather prediction | |
  • David Titley – Weather risk, Climate risk and Security, The changing Arctic and Security, Quantifying changes in jet stream flow in a changing climate, Physical Oceanography, Potential changes in size, intensity and/or frequency in a changing climate, Storm-surge and storm-surge communications | |

Department of Ecosystem Science and Management

Department of Geography

  • Robert Crane, Dept. of Geography ( climate and climate change; science diving

Biochemistry and Molecular Biology


Department of Anthropology

  • Lee Newsom, Wet-­site Archeology

Department of Classics and Ancient Mediterranean Studies

  • Ann Killebrew, Classical Mediterranean Archeology

Department of English

  • Hester Blum, Maritime Literature

Pennsylvania Sea Grant

  • Robert Light, Director, Penn State Erie/Behrend
  • Ann Faulds, Associate Director, Philadelphia area
  • Sarah Whitney, Associate Director, Harrisburg area
  • David Boughton, Penn State Erie, Maritime Specialist
  • Sara Grisè, Penn State Erie, Coastal Specialist
  • Marti Martz, Penn State Erie, Coastal Specialist
  • Sean Rafferty, Penn State Erie, Coastal Outreach Specialist