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Iliana BaumsIliana B. Baums
Associate Professor of Biology

215A Mueller
University Park, PA 16802

Phone: (814) 867-0491
Lab Address: 213 Mueller
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Email: ibb3@psu.edu


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The goals of the Center for Marine Science and Technology at Penn State are to promote interdisciplinary research and training grants; host a regular seminar series to bring together students, faculty, postdocs and staff around CMAST topics; administer the Marine Science Minor; represent the University in the Consortium for Ocean Leadership (COL); and publicize CMaST activities at Penn State through freshman recruiting, the Marine Science Society, graduate student recruiting, public seminars, community outreach activities, and maintenance of a website.

Penn State offers a number of courses in marine sciences and technology at both the undergraduate level, in support of the Marine Science Minor, and at the graduate level, where students and their advisors are involved in research topics that span the gamut from the coastal zone including shallow-­‐water tropical ecosystems of coral reefs, tropical and temperate lakes and sinkholes to the deepest reaches of the sea. Their research also spans Earth’s history and future, from the origin of life on the deep sea floor more than 3 billion years ago to the future of the oceans on a warming planet. Students, faculty and researchers conduct underwater research using scuba under the auspices of the Penn State Science Diving program, housed in the Office of Research Protections, and the American Academy of Underwater Sciences.

The University is also a member of the Consortium for Ocean Leadership, provides an Education Abroad exchange with the National Oceanography Centre, Southampton, UK and supports the Marine Science Society (an undergraduate club).

CMAST aims to bring these efforts and resources together as a centralized organization for oceanography and marine science at Penn State. We invite you to dive in and get involved today!